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March 19, 2011

Make Your Blog/Website As An Online Store

Setting up an online market database is an extremely confusing process. Setting up the same for your blog or web site can be even more confusing with the writing of a few extra codes. A new online tool helps you to create an online store comprising of different products exclusively for your place on the web.

Wazala, helps you to actually add a ‘store’ button which is integrated to your blog or web site, which when clicked, pops-up a window and dimming the background. Wazala adjusts to its environment and moulds itself according to the web site on which it is being installed.

It comes with different prices and versions. You can choose the one that best suits your requirements. A snapshot of the price list is shown below.

Adding more to the attractions is the ‘inventory control’ feature. This feature allows users to keep a track and manage the inventory. They even alert you when a certain product’s shortage is felt. The developers of Wazala have laid emphasis to detailing too. The use of Wazala allows users to set expiry dates, limit use and much more which you can set anytime for any product (s).

Users can sell both physical and digital goods, all at one place and hence can stop worrying about losing traffic. Selling digital goods can be easy and can provide with options to the consumer as well. For example, consider selling of a picture or an image, now it can be sold for in two categories viz. in high res or low res.

We recommend this latest e-commerce tool which is easy to use and integrate with your blog or web site.

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