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April 12, 2012

Top 3 Free eMail-id Shortening Services

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Emails are the most easiest and convenient way to share any kind of information like your documents, photos, videos and so on with your friends or family member, Using emails you can send and receive mails from any corner of the world and its without much hassle.

But many times we don’t want to share our email address due to the fear of spams and so on, if you are share your email address on any forum or so then spam robots will grab your email address and then it will start sending you spam messages, so what to do so that you can share your email address and don’t get any spam?

Here are some email shortening services which allows you to shorten the email address of yours :-


Bouncr is an free and one of the most effective online web tool which allows you to shorten your email address for free. Bouncr will generate a random email address for you which you can share with your friends or others. It hides your permanent email address with a Bouncr proxy so that you can share it safely.

Bouncr also allows you to generate multiple email address for same email address, each time you provide a random email address to you, so you can have several short email address for same permanent email address.


To use it you need to visit the site and then it will ask your existing email address, just enter it and then it will generate a small email address for you, if you don’t like the email address generated by it for you then you can easily customize it according to your needs, just enter any address if it is available then you will get that.

Then you can share it with your friends on Facebook or on Twitter too. Bouncr also protects you from spams, they had a very strong spam filtering service which will reject the spam or virus message and send it back to sender.xx

To delete your account just click on the link which has been send to you at the time of registering, it contains a deletion link just click on it.

Rating :- 4.5/5

Visit Site :- Boun.Cr


eShorten is another cool online web tool which allows you shorten any of your email address very easily, the first thing you will notice on this site is that it has a very minimal and simple interface.

And another thing which makes it more useful is that it provides short email address from 7 domains like 2Em.Me, Howdy.Do, Aim4.Me, Pm4.Me, 411e.Me, G-Day.Me, and 2Hey.Me.

This service works with any valid email address, all emails sent to your eShorten email address will be forwarded to your current existing account and they do not keep any copy of it.

You can set many email providers, such as Yahoo!, Gmail, HotMail etc. and email programs such as Windows Live, Horde, SquirrelMail, ThunderBird, Mac’s Mail, etc. to send and reply using our addresses simply by adjusting your account settings.


According to the web site they have a spame filtering service and they also don’t share your email address with anyone else, which means your all information are fully secured.

To use all these features you need to a small amount, they charge you $2.95 Per Year, means less than a penny per day, They says that they had implemented fee because they don’t want to let spammers use their web tool.

Rating :- 4/5

Visit Site :- eShorten


SCR.Im is another nice online web tool which allows you to share your email address securely, it wont allows you to shorten your email address but it allows you to create a wall between your email address and other people.

It allows you to convert your email address into a small URL which you can share with others on any social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, any one who need to send you email will have to go to that URL and then he or she will get to know your email address and then they can send email to you.


To use this web service just visit the web site and then enter your email address, you can either enter a URL which you can remember easily or just leave that portion blank and it will give you a random URL which can be shared by you.

Rating :- 3.5/5

Visit Site :- SCRIM

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