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January 24, 2010 Troubleshoot Computer Issues Using Instant Screen Recordings

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We had often find ourselves in a situation where we had to help out our friends or family numbers to carry out some operation on their PCs over the phone or through on-line chatting. But we find it difficult to do so because we are not able to see what is exactly going on their computer screens. So there is this web application known as that can be used by them to make a video of what’s going on their screens and that screen recording can be sent to you via email and you can figure out the issue at hand and offer the best possible solution.

How This Application Works?

Step 1 : create a URL by entering your name and email address in specific tabs and clicking the ‘Generate’ button that you can see on the home page of ShowMeWhatsWrong.

Step 2 : share this URL with your friends and relatives whom you like to help out

Step 3 : This step needs to be performed by the person seeking help. He/she needs to click on the URL created by you and then start their screen recording and uploading it and thereafter sending it back to you. The length of the recording can be up to 5 minutes.

Step 4 : You will be then receiving a email with a link of a playback page on which you can see the video of their screen recording. You can also download it on your PC.

So that is it. Next time you want to help your buddies as to how they can take care of a particular computer issue, you can go ahead and use


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You can generate a help URL so friends and family can send you instant screen recordings to help trouble shoot computer issues.

How Is Useful?

You can make screen recordings of the various computer problems you are facing and share it with your friends and relatives and seek help from them to  trouble shoot the computer issues.

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