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June 17, 2010

Shuffle Pixels Of Pictures With

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Gone are the days when man used to accept anything without tampering into its original form. Today’s mankind wants to experiment with whatever he can and making a particular object tailor-made for himself and in a way satisfies his quest to be more imaginative and creative. This very aspect of the human being’s nature is taken care of by an online tool known as Pixuffle which will enable anyone to simply shuffle the pixels in any picture that were set in its original form to come out with some really unique compositions.

The process is extremely simple and straight-forward. You just need to click the ‘Startbutton on the home page and browse the picture of which you want to reshuffle the pixels from the computer and there you go. Make new compositions, reset them any number of times before you completely satisfied and when finally you are with the final product, save it in your desired file/folder.

You can also have a look at the gallery comprising of wide range of pictures created by various people using this tool and get the idea of the stuff that can be created with its help.

And last but not the least, there is also the option of automatically posting the new pictures with shuffled pixels created and saved by you on ‘Pixuffle Public Flickr’ to be viewed by others as well.

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About Pixuffle

Pixuffle is a project by Paulo Barcelos, developed at FABRICA in 2009. Design by Magdalena Czarnecki.

How Is Pixuffle Useful?

An online tool helping you to shuffle the pixels of your original pictures to create unique compositions. In simple words, just helping you out to be a bit more creative and imaginative with your photography quotient.

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