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August 19, 2009 – Generate Simple And Secure Passwords

Simple password is a web site that provides the web facility of remembering a single password rather than having to remember / write down a different password for every site you visit. You can then use this one master password to generate a different password for every site you visit. So this is a nice, simple solution to the problem of remembering so many passwords.

Ask yourself what would happen if someone found out your email address and password on any given site you use. If you only used that password once, then you only have one site to worry about. But if you’ve used the same password for your email / Amazon / Pay Pal / bank then you could end up with a real catastrophe on your hands.

Thus here comes the use of this special web site. In here, you can pick one single master password and commit it to memory. Then every time you need a password for a site, use this site to combine your master password and the site URL into a unique password for that site. The same master password will give you a different password for each site.

And thus if you forget a password ever, just come back here, using the same master password and same URL will always generate the same password. The whole point of this site is to provide you with a mechanism of remembering only a single password, yet being able to generate passwords for each website you visit. The single password you have to remember is called your master password.

This service never stores your master password instead calculates the password every time you use this site and they never store your master password. This does of course mean that you have to be careful about remembering your master password. Since it never stores it, it cannot help you retrieve it.

This site uses cryptographic hash. A hash is a term for a calculation which takes some text and computes a value from it. Given the same text as input, a hash will always return the same result. A cryptographic hash has some extra properties which make it useful for this service – the chances of two different inputs returning the same hash value are very low and it is very difficult to modify the input without changing the calculated hash.


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