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September 10, 2009 – Send Real Snail Mail Letter Online

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Snailmailr is a web site that provides the web service of letting you type letters and mail them without going to a mail box or a post office after paying just a nominal fee. Have you ever wanted to send a letter but then realized you didn’t have a printer or any stamps? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to send a letter online, as easily as you send an email? Thus here comes the use of this web service. Keep in better contact with the elderly relatives, send a special letter to a friend, write a landlord, or mail a resume and cover letter: a cheap, simple, faster way to do a common task.

They have spent much time making your letter attractive. See for yourself, the way your letter looks when you are previewing it, is exactly what it will look like when it is printed and mailed. High quality color laser printers are used to print your letter, so if you include an image or a color document, it will appear on paper in high resolution and vibrant color. But they place a small logo on your envelope to spread the word about this service, but you can remove it for a small additional fee ($0.15). There is no other mention of Snailmailr.

This service is quick—there’s no need to create an account. Just address your envelope, write your letter, verify its appearance, then pay using your account. And of course—avoid blowing the dust off your printer, licking stamps, or walking to the mailbox! Letters are printed and placed in the mail within 24 hours. The exact date your letter is printed and mailed is available on your letter’s receipt page.

They are aware that printing messages on paper and physically carrying them around is so, well—20th century—however, they are proud to enable certain types of communication that otherwise would not occur. They address the environmental costs of the business in two ways:

1. They use only recycled paper.
2. They also offset the carbon incurred when shipping the letters by investing in TerraPass carbon offset credits.

The mailing addresses you submit will never be contacted in any way by Snailmailr, other than via the letters you send. They will never share these addresses with any 3rd party, neither will sell them to any 3rd party.


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