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March 25, 2011

A Social Networking Community For Car Fans & Enthusiasts

Where in the world is my old car? I was trying to get answer to this question on internet and encounter a social networking website. CheckMyRide is a free social media website for Car enthusiast. You can join this community either by logging in with your Facebook account or by signing up for free.

Once you become a member of this site, you can build your profile, add your vehicle history and share your favorite car memories with your friends on Check My Ride. These three easy steps build, track and share will take you to the next level. Build will let you create your own personal vehicle history timeline, track will let you track the whereabouts of vehicles you have owned in the past, and Share easily let you share your favorite memories about the cars and trucks you love on Facebook and Twitter.


Here you can share history of your first to favorite car by adding information about your past cars, comments and pictures. If you have the Vehicle Identification number then you can also use the other features offered by Check My Ride like Free Auto Check Vehicle history report, the information you need before buy. AutoCheck vehicle history reports help automotive retailers and consumers quickly and easily understand a vehicle’s past, including reported accidents, odometer issues, title brands, frame-damage announcements and other important information that buyers need to make a confident used vehicle purchase.

Features Of

    Build a vehicle history timeline

  • Use the Where In The World Is My Old Car? tool
  • Learn about their current car’s story with a free AutoCheck vehicle history report
  • Search and comment on other members’ vehicles
  • Share and promote their favorite cars with Facebook and Twitter
  • Visit :

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