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May 27, 2010

Social Network for Kids –

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Online Social networking is getting redefined and spreading wings far and wide. The next obvious target for the web 2.0 enthusiasts is the little and innocent kids who are no longer oblivious to sites like orkut and Facebook. If you are trying hard to keep away your tiny tots from such potentially dangerous networking sites and looking for safer kid versions of such popular portals, we have found one for you. is a recently launched first-of-its kind social network for the vulnerable kids in the age group of 5-11 who are also not left untouched of the virtual world, thanks to the media hype. Parents often go in frenzied state when they see their own kids’ profile on several social sites and this website is an answer to their anxiety.

The powerful Parental Control System is the striking feature of this social network for kids. They can closely monitor their kids’ activities on MyPage and safeguard their child’s interests. The site provides kid’s detailed web surfing statistics and allows you to set surfing time limits along with the secret authority to decide the games and activities suited for your kid from the long list available on the website. Registration to Parental control is mandatory to enable your child to share his personal page on the site, learn and play online with his friends

The website wears a very colorful and young look and is a visual treat to browse keeping in view its target audience. This social network empowers your kids to get their own web address and create up to eight customizable web pages highly interactive digital toys called “kidgets” on the site. There is a large collection of cute wallpapers of kids’ favorite characters which they can use on their self created web pages. It’s an innovative way of introducing your curious kids to the powerful web world and giving a productive outlet to their creativity and energy levels.

There is a security system called “Magic Word”, a password which ensures that only your child’s real friends can reach him online. All these features come totally FREE of cost. You can safely allow your kid to call it “My Page” keeping all the concerns and apprehensions at bay.


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MyPage is a 2.0 website designed for kids from 5 to 11 years old where young users make their own personal page and unleash their creativity.

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Social Networking for kids calls for a lot of forethought about website content, access issues and strong parental control. assures a healthy and creatively exciting online world for your little bundle of joy!!

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