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April 25, 2010

Solution To School And College Course Problems –

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Cramster is a web site on a completely new concept, aims at tutoring school and college students. It helps the students learn beyond textbooks. The web site is certainly a step forward in 21st century education. It was launched last year, and it has an online library consisting of two-million course documents already. Students from over 3000 universities are members (the exact count of members being 500,000). Though, monthly subscription of membership is not free and comes with a price of $10 per month (which is certainly not high, considering the skyrocketing prices of tutors).

Various services have been provided to the students apart from course documents; students can ask one question per day free of cost (answers to which will be given by fellow students and other teachers), students can access study material, solve questions, submit their study resources etc.

Another service which has caught the eye of many teachers is that students can even submit their homework assignments and can have all of them answered. Several teachers have strongly criticized this but the promoters and developers of the web site have said; in the age of internet, students can get answers to their questions anyway. Well, certainly this debate is endless, but this web site is sure to be a huge hit among students from colleges as well as schools.

Key Features

  • A cool way to learn, beyond textbooks, over the internet
  • Several services provided; submit one question per day, access to various study material, submission of own study material, homework/assignment submission to name a few
  • Membership is not free. Anyone can be a member by paying $10 per month
  • Several categories provided such as; study groups, Q&A forum, discussion blogs etc.
  • Practice questions have been provided
  • Students can earn points by answering questions and get exciting prizes like cameras, laptops etc.
  • Q&A boards include various topics such as Calculus, Physics, Statistics, Math, Economics, Engineering etc. Thus, every field is covered in detail

Our Rating: 3.5/5 |

About is a web site aimed at helping students from colleges and schools the art of learning and not mugging. Wide and varied range of topics are covered in the web site to help students from different fields. You can enjoy and start learning at a paltry cost of $10 per month (membership fee).

How is helpful?

Well, cramster is certainly very helpful for students. The services provided by them is mind-blowing. Students can ask as well as solve other students’ problem. Each member can ask one question every day (free of cost). There discussion forums and Q&A blogs where students can solve their difficulties and even discuss different concepts.

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