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June 2, 2009 Monitor Any Website For Any Phrase is a website that monitors certain web pages or a website which is provided by the user. The user provides certain phrase and the site continuously monitors the web pages and as soon it gets any update it just sends the information to the user’s email id. This website will scan the given page every 10 minutes and if it finds one what the user was looking for, it will inform the user and will remove the email id from the system.

How to use this website:
1. Upload the phrase which you want to search.
2. Upload the web page you want to monitor
3. Upload the email id on which you want the notification. The user should have valid email id in order to get the appropriate information.
4. The user can add as much number of web pages as the user want. This can be done by clicking on the given link of “more ideas please”.
5. No registration is required on this site.
6. The alerts are for one time only. Once the site gets the matches it will report the information to the email id and then remove it from its database.

This website is really helpful in the case if the user wants to check whether some blog has written something wrong about the user. Then you have to just put up the keyword and the URL of the blog and the site will automatically provide you the information. The user also does not need to check every day as the alerts will come automatically.

It should not be confused with the Google alerts as it checks the entire internet based on the keywords but this website checks only a particular website. This site can be said as an alternate search engine which operates on a single website based upon the keywords. This site is really easy to use and can be easily handled by a person which is not very experienced to use these type of utility websites.


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