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June 13, 2009 – Play Sudoku Online For Free

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SpeedSudoku is a web site that provides you with the web service of playing Sudoku games online and with other players. Solving newspaper Sudoku puzzles daily can get a bit lonely and routine. Ever wonder if you could be a Sudoku champion? Then you’ll love Speed Sudoku – the new multiplayer online Sudoku game.

At Speed Sudoku, your favorite puzzle has been taken to the next level and made it fun again. This site’s unique Sudoku races are fast-paced and can pit you against killer Sudoku players from around the world. With experience, you’ll improve your times and move up the ranks. What’s more, you’ll get to interact with opponents from all over the world and become part of our exciting web community.

It’s free to play, so what are you waiting for? You just have to register with the site by giving your personal details and choose a membership name and password.

This web service also provides you with special tips and techniques so as to improve your game play. Many special tips are provided here like:

1. Start with the easy Sudoku puzzles, and then move on to the harder ones.
2. Very few players complete Sudoku puzzles only by writing in the final numbers! Make "pencil marks" by filling a cell with all possible values. This will help narrow down possibilities later on.
3. Always double check before placing a number.
4. Never guess! Only make moves based on logical deductions.

Also the techniques listed are quite cool and really turn an amateur into professional. Even some tutorial videos have been designed to teach users how to play or improve their game. This site provides users with various game types like race or practice game.

In a race game, several players attempt to solve the same Sudoku puzzle as fast as they can, and points are awarded depending on how each player placed. In a practice game, you solve the Sudoku puzzle alone and it doesn’t count towards your score or other statistics. However the site tracks your best times separately for practice games so that you can try to improve on yourself.


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