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February 24, 2011

How To Protect Your Email Address From Spam Emails?

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It is always recommended not to share your email on public sites as leaving Your email on forums, twitter and on classified sites makes you an easy spam target. Which means every time you login to your email account you will find hundred of unwanted/spam email in your inbox.

Lots of spam robots and email harvesters constantly browse through these sites to collect new victim email. These bots find your email and add it to a growing database which will usually be sold to someone or a business that will want to spam you. Now we have a solution to this problem, allows you to share your email on the web via short URL so that only real people will use it.


First Enter your email address and pick your URL and convert your email address into a short and safe link that you can share on the web.


Click “Protect my email” button to get the link that links that can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and other sites.


You also get links to be used in HTML documents and in Forums. So now you have safe links to be used on web and make yourself safe from spam emails which can make your life easy and helps not to miss any important email. So use this free service that will convert your email address ( into a safe and short URL (for instance People willing to email you will go to this URL that will reveal your email address, after a simple test.

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