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May 18, 2010 – Get Free eBay Alerts on Items You Want

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Are you constantly on a look out for the best buys and discounts on eBay for some specific items of need? Has it transformed into an inherent habit to browse the website everyday only to be left high and dry after spending several minutes and sometimes hours on not finding the best bargain on the item high on your must buy list? Here is a website for all the eBay addicts which will notify you about whenever the item you have been looking for is up for sales on the eBay portal.

StuffAlert provides excellent notification services and saves you from investing productive time and effort in looking for items. The website has close ties with eBay and works in collaboration with the largest online retail store.

Here are the steps to get alerts:

  • Create a FREE account on the website.
  • Type the Item(s) you wish to get notifications for.
  • StuffAlert will continuously search eBay and send instant alerts to you.

You can receive alerts by email or SMS and as many times as you want. The website is safe, secure and spam free. There is no limit on the number of alerts and item on which you want alerts. The alert will have image of the item together with key information and a link which will redirect you to eBay website.

So, the next time when you want that rare collection of stamps or some antique state of art chandelier and finding it hard to trawl through eBay, give this website a fair chance and you wouldn’t be disappointed!!

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SonicZero Limited is a private company formed in 2006 to provide solutions that interact with established e-commerce internet sites. Our first product is STUFF ALERT which is focused on providing enhanced search capability for items that are hard to find on eBay. Our mantra is all about keeping things simple and easy to use and drives everything that we do and ensures we have fun doing it.

How is useful?

The website is based on the ground rule of integration which creates win-win situation for eBay, StuffAlert and the customers. It is useful for people who traverse eBay several times in a day hoping to find their hard-to-find item.

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