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June 20, 2012

Sync and Edit Documents in Cloud

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In traditional office system employees work on file system and their work is assign by their superiors by in written too. Many time in this system we get work delayed or manager were not able to assign work and track the work done by its employees.

Oogwave is a nice online platform where employees, manager and all can be in touch and work more efficiently. Anyone can register on it, it’s a free service which provide unlimited storage to you, means you can transfer any number of files on your server without being fear of shortage of memory.


You can add as much as member to your network as you want so that you can work more efficiently and faster, it’s a very much secure platform so you don’t need to worry about the misuse of your data or information. Oogwave provides an internal chat messenger which allows you to get in touch with others.

All you data will remain on Oogwave server till you are a active member of it, so you don’t have to fear is your data will be removed. You can access Oogwave Mozilla Firefox 6 or above, Google Chrome12 or above, Apple Safari 4.04 or above, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or above.


You can also surf Oogwave from phones like iPhone, Android, Blackberry (OS 7 and above) or tablets like iPad or so on, no need to download any app, just open your web browser and launch in it.

You can create a ToDo list in which save all activities or projects which you need to do, you can arrange, in this you can create new todo or can edit the existing ones.

You can even grant permission to access your folder in Oogwave, you can decide which folder can be edited, Viewed, copied, or deleted by which user, for this just right click on the folder and select permission and then edit it.

Now you don’t need to assign work to your employees manually or through desk system, just create a project and assign work to them on the cloud.

You can also use Omail, using which you can transfer or send email to your collogues internally, you can view message in conversation view, you can even send message to group too.

You can upload your contact list in the format of CSV or can import the file to your computer too.

Visit Site :- Oogwave

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