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December 26, 2011

Sync Your Google Docs With Your Desktop

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Its no doubt that Google Docs is a good alternative for MS Office suite pack, MS Office is a bulky and costly suite which is not suitable for those users who don’t have computer which supports MS Office hardware requirement or to those who do a little work and don’t wanna through there money for these little work.

So you can use Google Docs as it’s a cloud based system and to use it all you need a web browser and a Google Account, and then you can create Docs, Excel sheet or presentations very easily. But to use Google Docs you need to open your web browser and login each time you have to edit, delete or modify any file.

But if you don’t like to open browser for editing and looking for a simple tool then Insync is for you, it allows you to Sync your all Google Docs files with your desktops and edit, delete or create files easily without opening any web browser.

It works same as DropBox do, any changes made on your desktop document will take effect on your Google Docs account files and if you made changes in Google Docs files then it will be change in your desktop files to, To use it you have to visit site and make account.

Once you had made account it will ask you to install their client on your computer, Insync web interface doesn’t allow you to see your Docs files, you can see latest activity like Deletion, creation, editing done by you on your Doc account.

On the first run, it will download all your Google Docs files to your system, once it had finished sync process then only you can upload files and create new ones.


Insync allows you to add multiple Google accounts, so you don’t have to switch from one account to other to access files.

You can also share your files with friends by getting links for those files, all you have to do is, just right click on the document which you wanna share and then click on Insync and then you will get Public link, you can see file version and lots more.

In total it’s a nice service which allows you to easily sync all your Google Docs files with your computer and then edit them locally.

For More Info please take a look at the video below :-


Visit Site :- Insync

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