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January 9, 2012

Platform For App Developers To Connect With Users

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Apps have always been user-centric where the general consumer enjoys the core position while developers are at the peripheral. For any product to be successful, the developer who creates an app must engage with the real users and understand their perspective. This small effort goes a long way in building the rapport with the customers as well in enhancement of tool.

There are very few effective avenues for the men behind the apps to reach out to the consumer base and interact on a regular basis. One amazing app which exactly serves this purpose of engagement of app owners with the users is Appoxee. It creates a win-win situation by facilitating a communication link between the two parties.


May 27, 2011

Add Desired Effects To Your Photos Using An Online Photo Editing App

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Looking at a normal photo clicked by a camera is not really fashionable today especially when there are so many image editing applications present in the market these days that can help you add effects to your photos. Adding these effects not only make your images look different but also, sometimes they can add that charm and nostalgia which can bring back the good old memories of the past time.


May 6, 2011

Introducing Visual Search Engine To Find Your Favorite Win 7 App

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There are more than 4500 apps for Windows Phone 7 users. If we see a certain application somewhere and want it in our phone too, it becomes slightly difficult to search it if we don’t know its name. Besides, almost all of the Windows Marketplaces are highly boring and disorganized. We just cannot search for single app (which we are looking for).


April 28, 2011

Watch TV, Play Games, Have Fun With Apps & More

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Neave is one web site which caught my eye while reviewing it. I was hooked to it for almost an hour, testing out its features and apps which it has on offer. Trust me, I didn’t realize that I was hooked to it for such a long time till I saw my watch. Neave is a fun web site developed by Paul Neave, a resident of London, United Kingdom (UK).


April 4, 2011

Single Installer To Install Or Update Multiple Free Apps On Your PC

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Installing one or two softwares on your PC may take few minutes but finding and installing softwares to a new machine must be a tedious job. Buying a new PC or Reinstalling Windows, make you sit for about an hour just downloading all your favorite apps and installing them.


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