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April 25, 2012

Save, Copy Files From FTP Server To Dropbox

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Many of you must be having a personal blog or owning some webs sites, in this era of web no one could take risk of losing all your data due to some theft, server problem or such kind of thing which might occurred and you will lose all your data.

If you to wanna make backup of your blogs whole FTP server then here is an nice web tool, MyBackUpBox, it allows you to back up your whole FTP account to your Dropbox folder very easily. This service is very simple to use, you don’t need to download and install anything on your computer.


January 23, 2012

Backup, Store Any Old or New Phone Contacts & Other Data on Internet For Free

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In todays life most of us change our mobile phone very frequently, as we see some new phone with some new and advance features we want to get it and then purchase it, but big problem comes after purchasing a new phone. You might feel hard to transfer your data from old phone to the new one.

And you will scratch your head more when you had new phone which runs on another platform from the old one. Or suppose your phone is stolen and damaged but you had some very much important data on it, then how can you retrieve your data ?

In this case a web service EverDroid will help you, it allows you to make a backup of all your important data, you will be able to make backup of messages, contact entries, notes, calendar, Bookmarks, and so on.


To use this service you have to make account on EverDroid and once you had account, you will be asked for certain things like your phone model, phone number and so on, once you provide all details you will be presented with a setting which will allows you to sync and backup your data.

Once you login you will see your upcoming events, the phone(s) which you had connected with everdroid, upcoming events and birthday which will are fetched from your phones data.


You can see all your contacts which are sync by clicking on People tab, you will be able to add contacts using web interface, you can also add Calendar entries, Bookmarks Notes and so on right from your web browser and then sync it with your mobile phone.


You can share your calendar with your friends by inviting them on everdroid and then they will be able to know what you are doing on which day, to do this click on Setting & Help –> Calendar Sharing and then click on invite friends.

You can add more devices to your account, for this Login to your account and then Click on Setting & Help tab and then click on My Device tab, then click on New Device and then you will be presented with a procedure by which you can select your device and add it your account.


If you don’t get any setting then you can go for manual settings too, in which you will be shown some setting, just configure it on your phone.


In total this free web service is very nice and it keeps your data backed up and allows you to have it accessed from any part of the world.

Visit Site :- EverDroid

January 10, 2012

Easily Make Backup Of Your Website

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If you are a webmaster than there is nothing more painful than losing your websites data, suppose you mistakenly delete something or if your website got hacked and hackers wiped off all your data from server than you will left with only one option and its restore your web site from an external backup.

So creating a backup is must for every webmaster, creating backup is not the thing you have to make regular backup so that latest file of your website remains with you, SnatchCode is a nice web service which lets you automatically backup all your website.

SnatchCode backup your web site through FTP and MySQL, In order to take up automatic backup , SnatchCode will need ftp information of the folder which needs to be secured. So a user will need to enter his website’s correct FTP details , and rest will be done by them.


September 12, 2011

Easily Take Backup Of Any URL Or Website

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Webpages are consciously kept dynamic to keep up with the pace of fast and furious web world. You should not be overtly surprised if overnight the whole look and feel of any of your favorite websites is drastically changed. But what if you wish to share some important piece of information about any webpage and just when you click, there is no sign of it. You are left tongue-tied in such situations.


August 23, 2011

Manage, Upload Or Backup All Your Flickr Photos Easily

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Flickr is one of the most widely used image and video hosting website on the internet, lots of users upload their day to day pics on Flickr to store them or to share them with their friends or relatives, Flickr is also used by many Bloggers to upload their blogs images.

To manage or upload pics you need to open your browser and then launch Flickr website then login and the you can do your job, it’s a bit lengthy and time consuming process.

FlickrEdit is an easy to use desktop tool which allows you to mange all your pictures and sets on your flickr account very easily, This is an Java based tool which means it can be used on any platform which is Java supported like Windows, Linux based and Mac OS X and it uses flickrj framework to access Flickr.


August 11, 2011

BackUp All Your Personal & Business Data On Secure Server

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You must have some important files on your computers like your office documents, movies, photos, and such that data. And if your hard disk crashed or there is theft or fire then you will loose all your important files in one go.

Making back up of your files is an good idea, but most of the sites allows you to store files on cloud not to make back up of your files.Norton, the famous name in Anti Virus industry has launched a service call BackUp.Com.

This site allows you to make back up of your multiple computers very easily.This is a nice service for both personal and business use, it allows you to make backup very simply.


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