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April 22, 2011

Find The Best Extended Warranty Deals On Electronic Goods

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How often does it happen that we go out to buy popular consumer electronic goods such as mobile phones, laptops, PC’s etc. and we don’t get good warranty deals. For example, I bought an mp3 player last month from the local retailer who gave me a warranty for three weeks. As it turned out, it worked well for the first three weeks, but after about a month and a half, it just died (Yes, it was Chinese).


February 2, 2011

Buy Or Sell Second Hand Android Phones

Before you come to a conclusion, no this is not another eBay. It’s an online portal exclusively for Android phones. Users can easily buy and/or sell android devices. There is no bidding and no other hotch-potch. You don’t even need to register, you can connect via Facebook. Swappa displays all the latest android models, but only those which are in working condition.


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