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February 7, 2012

Schedule Future Email or SMS Messages To Anyone

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Many times we have to do some task in near future but due to other works we forget to do those work(s) on time which may cause loss to you, like you need deliver a package to a client, or your boss can get angry on you because you hadn’t made call to client.

It’s a vey come problem with most of us, and seriously a very insulting situation, but using a web service like Cronote, which lets your schedule future sms and emails, means suppose you need remind anyone some work to do after a week, so just schedule an SMS alert right now and it will get deliver after one week and person will do that work on time. (more…)

September 5, 2011

Receive New Email Alert On Your Mobile Phone via Text Message For Free

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With all these smartphones like IPhones and BlackBerrys, sending and receiving e-mails with your mobile phone has become extremely easy and simple.

With the advancement of such phones, there is no need of ‘The requirement of a computer’. But yet, some people prefer simple phones rather than these ‘hi-tech’ phones which have become more of a ‘social status’  nowadays than a requirement.


August 29, 2011

Get Free Alerts Email For Your Events

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Do you forget your important meetings  or birthday of your friends like me Smile with tongue out, actually most of are busy in many work in our day to day life which let us forget some important events like meetings, making call to someone, birthday of friends and so on.

Well if you are going through the same situation the a service name Alertful could be beneficial for you, Alertful is an online reminder service which sends reminding emails for almost anything like meetings, call someone, shopping and so on.


July 21, 2011

Get Alert For Important Mails While Staying Away From Inbox

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There were sometime when we are on vacation and we want to stay away from all work and we even don’t check our Inbox for new mails, but what in this time period you got a important mail?

Or you constantly check your inbox for any new mail on your inbox, AwayFind can help you, it will notify you as you get any important message.

AwayFind is a nice service which alerts you when you got any important mail according to the parameter you had set for important mails.


April 19, 2011

Get SMS & Email Alerts For CBSE/ICSE Class 10th/12th Exam Result 2011

The Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE) Exams are over and students have started waiting for there results. We can find number of websites which are going to publish CBSE results for class 10th and class 12th when announced. Parents and students are already keeping there eyes on these websites to get all the updates from CBSE.


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