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April 19, 2012

Watch And Arrange Facebook Friend’s Photos Clean And Attractive Layout

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Almost all of use Facebook to stay connected with our friends or family members who are far away for you. In this site you can share your views, photos, videos or can talk with other too. Facebook allows you to upload any kind of photos on it and then you can get those photos tagged with your friends too.

But many times we wont be able to see all photos in which we are tagged as there are lots of information or content on Facebook that sometime you might miss your photo, Friendsheet is an nice online web app which allows your see all your photos and your friends too in a nice and simple layout.


March 17, 2012

Make Movie Of Facebook Timeline Events, Photos

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Facebook is a nice place to share your thoughts and events which you had done with your friends and family members, Facebook has lots of users and every user want to upload his photos, videos and update his status with latest happening in their life, if you took Facebook as a country then you will find it as worlds 3 largest country after China and India.

As Facebook has lots of users then everyday you will find lots of apps on web which allows you to make your Facebook profile more interesting and interactive. Here is a web service which allows you to create a video from your Facebook Timeline.


February 23, 2012

Online Tool To Download Facebook Photo Albums In ZIP Format For Free

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We all use Facebook it’s a nice place to share whatever is on our mind, and can be in contact with our friends, we can also share our photos and videos too, and it can be seen by our friends and relatives, many times our friends too share photos in which we appears and there are some photos which are uploaded by our friends.

Facebook simply allows you to download any photo which can be seen by you by clicking on Download link provided at the bottom of the pic. But if you wanna download whole album then you might not want to scroll through all pics and click on Download each time.

If you too looking for a simple solution to download whole album of yours or of your friends album then you can use a simple and easy to use online web service Facebook2ZIp, it allows you too download any album in zip format and then you can extract photos from it.


January 29, 2012

Record Audio, Video Message To Be Posted Facebook After Your Death

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Facebook is very much popular nowadays, almost all of us have a Facebook profile, and due to its popularity many developers has developed lots of apps for it which can make your work easy and smooth too, you can simply install them on your Facebook account.

Have you ever want to record a message that will be posted on your Facebook wall after your death or when you are no longer there to say any thing to your friends or any other. Well a Facebook app called If I Die will let you record and keep a message that will be posted on your wall when you die, message could be Video or in Text Form.

To get start using this app you need to visit the site from below link and then click on App button to install it on your Facebook Profile, it will connect your Facebook account ask for some permission just allow it and then you will be bring back to app page.


Now you will have to chose whether you wanna leave a Text message or a Video message, if you choose to go with video message then make sure you had install Adobe Flash player and when it ask for a permission to access your web cam and microphone just allow it and then record your message.

Or if you selected Text message then type down your message and then click on save, next you need to select 3 trustees from your Facebook friends, trustees will be those person who will inform app about your death.


October 21, 2011

How To Design Custom Facebook Fan Page For Your Business?

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If you own a company then you must know Facebook is a very effective way to get connected with customers, every organizations creates its Fan page so that its user or customers get connected with them and receive latest updates or news from company.

To attract more users you must create a nice and decent Facebook Fan page so that more and more users come to your page, PageModo is a nice Facebook application which allows you to design your Fan page and present it in a nice layout.

PageModo allows you to design Tabs of your Facebook Fan Page which you can use as Landing page, means the tab which a user see when he/she visit your Fan Page, and the great thing is that you don’t have to get knowledge of HTML or like.


October 12, 2011

Find Out What You Were Doing One Year Ago On Facebook

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We all use Facebook and some of use or I can just say many of us use it like no tomorrow, We do lots of activity on Facebook on regular basis, we upload photos, share whatever is on our mind, upload videos and so on.

If I ask you what you had did what you had done exactly 1 month back then you might end with scratching your head, even you may not be able to recall what you had did one week ago.

This is because Facebook allows us to perform many activities on it and we do lots of thing on Facebook, PastPosts is a nice Facebook App Or you can say online tool which allows you to remember what you had done 1 year back on Facebook.


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