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June 18, 2012

Open Tabs Opened In Google Chrome Browser On Other Computer

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Many times we are in the middle of some work and then we get an important work or suppose you are getting late for office but you had opened some tab on your home web browser you can save tabs and later open them but only on your home web browser in which you are working on.

If you change your web browser frequently or work on many computers then you might face a problem that tabs saved by you on one computer or web browser wont be accessible on other computer or web browser, then what to do to get all saved tabs ? (more…)

May 30, 2012

Search Multiple Search Engine From Google Chrome Context Menu

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We always keep looking for some kind of information on internet everyday, searching for information is the most frequent job done by us on internet, to search for any content you first visit any search engine like Google, Yahoo! or Bing, then type your query and then look for relevant information.

Or another way is to use address bar or Search bar provided by you web browser, but in both cases you have to type your query and it’s a bit long process but if you looking for a fast way then here it is, Multi Search and its from just from your Google Chrome context menu or from omnibar.


Once you have installed it just highlight the text you wanna search and then right click on it, it allows you to search across lots of web search engines like Google, Google Maps, Bing, Yahoo!, Google News, Google Bookmarks, Wikipedia, Dictionary.Com, and IMDB too.


You can also use omnibar to search your queries, just type multi and then hit Space bar to get Multi Search tag and then type the omnibar search tag and then entering your search query will bring your search result instantly.


You can easily set which search engine to show in context menu and in omnibar search and what will be there tags, you can also set which search engine to show up in context menu and which one comes at last. It also allows you to add your own favorite search engine to it.

You can Sync your data easily too, but this feature need to access your Google Docs account, if you enable this feature then you will be ask to grant permission to reach your Google Docs account.


You can import/export to another browser without using Sync option, you just need to copy and paste the code provided to you, it can be used to make back up, and when you wanna restore pasted the same code and then click on Import button.

Install Multi Search On Google Chrome

May 29, 2012

Sync Google Chrome Notes With Google Bookmarks

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Many times while surfing internet we came to know many such things which we want to note it down so that we can later refer it, or many times we are on our home computer and copy and paste some note in notepad but when we go office we don’t have access to those notes as they were saved on our home PC.

Well taking notes is not easy as you first need to highlight text and then copy it, now open your word editing tool like MS Word or Notepad and then save it there, and if you wanna transfer it from one computer then you have to mail it or use any portable drive.

But if you use LinkedNotes, and easy to use Google Chrome extension which allows you to save notes with just few clicks and you can also sync them with your Google bookmarks so that you have access to your notes from any parts of the world.


May 28, 2012

Send Highlighted Portion Of Text To Email Inbox

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Many times while surfing internet we read some line or paragraph which we need to save so that we can read it or refer it later on, for this you might copy it and paste it to a notepad and save it to your hard disk, but what if you share your computer or what if you save that to your home computer but when you are in office need it.

So what to do, well you can save those lines, sentence or paragraph on the cloud or you can say on internet so that you will be able to get it from any part of the world. Well what’s the best best and secure part on internet rather then your own email inbox.

Today I am going to share a nice Google Chrome extension Send Me This, this extension allows you to send any highlighted text of web page directly into your email inbox right from your context menu. It is very easy to use and you will get your important thing into your own inbox with just few clicks.


May 23, 2012

Decode QR Code Without Camera Scanning In Google Chrome

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Nowadays QR Codes are widely used in smartphones, they are very simple and easy to share, and you can also very easily decode them, just out your smartphone above it and your phone will read it and then decode it and you will get whatever the content is in it.

But what if you get a QR code in your computer and you are in hurry and you wont be able to read it via you smartphone, then you will ask a simple question, is it possible to read QR codes without smartphones ?

Well actually yes, to read QR codes in your computer all you need is Google Chrome web browser and a extension QRreader beta, it’s the extension which decoded the QR code for you, and it can be done very easily right from your right click menu or you can say from your context menu.


May 16, 2012

Find Phone Contact Number Of Social Network Friends on Facebook, Linkedin and Google

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All of us spend a good time on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on, we interact with lots of people on these site, we also use email account where we email to lots of people too.

Many times we need to search for some contacts but we hardly remember his email id, name or so on, and many time we also forget where we see him, whether he was on Facebook, Twitter or on email. If you too face this kind of problem then here is a simple solution for you. MediaContact.

MediaContact is a Google Chrome extension which allows you to search for your contacts by their name, company name, location, email address and so on, Monkey Contact is a quite handy tool for those who had large contact data base across different accounts or social networking site.

Monkey Contact currently supports Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn and Angel List, To get started you have to install this extension on your Google Chrome and after it, you have to connect at least 2 accounts to it, as more accounts you connect the better search result you will get. (more…)

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