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June 13, 2012

Know Your iOS Device Is Jailbreakable Or Not

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If you won a iDevice or iOS Device like iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Apple TV then you must be aware of Jailbreak, by jailbreaking your iOS device you can install third party apps on your device like from Cydia, but many users were not aware whether their iOS device is jailbroakable or not.

Its very important to know whether your device is jailbroakable or not because if you try to jailbreak device which doesn’t support then you will only waste your time because at last you will find nothing so its better to know about your iOS device.


February 8, 2012

Create Facebook Like Photo Timelines Using Any Photo Album

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We all like to get snapped, we all take photos of us or friends whenever we are on trip, picnic or just having a small get together, photos says a lot by its own, we can see them later on and remember al those funning and lovable moments.

It will be more fun if you can create a story using your photos, you can create timeline using photos of your party, adventure, get together, nights out, hanging with friends, vacations, a walk around town and of anything you had. (more…)

November 28, 2011

Share Multiple Photos Directly From Your iPhone, iPad Or iPod

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Many of us are photo freak and always take out our camera and click it, no matter where we are like in a party, in a concert, day out with family, in a picnic or so on, after taking pic the next you do is upload it to your social networking accounts like on Facebook, Twitter and so on.

If you wanna upload it to your Facebook account then you might need to first transfer them to your computer because you might not be able to make albums from your mobile phone. Here is a simple app which lets you do this work very easily.

Batch is the simplest way to share an album, or batch of photos directly from your phone. In seconds, you can share a batch, and relive that night out partying with friends, dinner with family, or the concert where you tweeted your batch for anyone to see.


September 19, 2011

Earn Money By Selling Photos Taken From Your Phone

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We all have a phone and we most us like to snap a shot from our phone which we then show to our friends and take compliment from them, we take pictures of place while roaming, or if we see anything unique happing around us.

If you too has a photogenic nature and take pictures all time from your phone then here is a nice mobile app for you.ScoopShot a free app for Android and iOS devices which allows you to snap a picture using your phone and sell those pics to international media.


May 4, 2011

Create And Share Interactive Demos Of Your iPhone, iPad & iPod Apps

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Nowadays whenever we go out to buy something new, we always try to see a demo and try the product first before spending our money and buying the item. Well that is the most logical way to check out the product and see if it will be able to fulfill all your requirements.


April 26, 2011

Share Your Android Or iOS Home/ App/ Theme Screens And Get Reviews

I always like to customize my phones home screen and then I show it to my friends to impress them and get reviews from them on this new screen, I know many of you also love this. Today I am going to tell you how can you share your screens with not just friends but with whole world.


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