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June 13, 2012

Know Your iOS Device Is Jailbreakable Or Not

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If you won a iDevice or iOS Device like iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Apple TV then you must be aware of Jailbreak, by jailbreaking your iOS device you can install third party apps on your device like from Cydia, but many users were not aware whether their iOS device is jailbroakable or not.

Its very important to know whether your device is jailbroakable or not because if you try to jailbreak device which doesn’t support then you will only waste your time because at last you will find nothing so its better to know about your iOS device.


February 8, 2012

Create Facebook Like Photo Timelines Using Any Photo Album

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We all like to get snapped, we all take photos of us or friends whenever we are on trip, picnic or just having a small get together, photos says a lot by its own, we can see them later on and remember al those funning and lovable moments.

It will be more fun if you can create a story using your photos, you can create timeline using photos of your party, adventure, get together, nights out, hanging with friends, vacations, a walk around town and of anything you had. (more…)

January 30, 2012

Quick Sending Of Website Links & Notes Between Your PC and Any Mobile Phone

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Many times we find some useful links while surfing internet on the when we are using computer, but sometime we need to transfer or open that link link in our mobile phone, but if that link is small then you can easily type it and open it in your phone but what if it is long and complex ?

In that case you might first install your phone’s software, then use cable to transfer it, or you might use some web service in which you might have to signup first to use it, but here is a free web service which allows you to transfer links from your pc to mobile very easily.

Open2Go allows you to store not only URLs but you can also transfer notes too, to use this web service you need to open the web site in your computer and then when page is loaded type your URL in the given box and the click on button Store To Phone.


And then it will provide a short link to you, you need to open that URL in your phone and then your web page is loaded on your phone. You must keep in mind that your URL will expire in 180 seconds or you can say in 3 minutes.

You can do same with notes too, if you wanna transfer some private data between your pc and phone then you must connect your phone with computer first.

For this you have to first make a shortcut of Open2Go on your home screen, then open it and click on Setting, and note that passcode from there and then open Open2Go on your computer and then click on Connect Your Phone and paste that passcode there.

Once your phone is connected then you will not to type any short URL which you generate, it will directly transfer links or note from pc to phone. This web service works on iPhone and Android.

You can transfer notes more faster by just typing your notes and it will be transferred to your phone.

For more info view video below :-

Visit Site :- Open2Go

November 30, 2011

Generate & Share Siri Screenshots Without Using iPhone 4

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We all knows that Apple has launched its brand new iPhone 4S in many part of the world, well its prices are very much high here in India and many tech geeks are scratching there heads to find out the reason, but Apple has introduced a new feature in it, Siri.

Siri is like your personal voice assistance and follow all instructions or commands said by you, suppose if you had got a new message and you are driving then you can ask Siri to read it for you, if you wanna have lunch outside then just ask Siri and it will provide some good list of restaurants according to your needs.

Well its totally fun and really a helpful feature which Apple has introduced in iPhone 4S, now if you wanna enjoy it then you must get your hands on iPhone 4S but due to its high price you might not able to get it but you can play a prank to your friends by showing some fake screenshot of Siri.


November 28, 2011

Google’s New Photo Sharing App For iOS Users

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Almost all of us use photo sharing sites like Flickr, Or Picasa to share our photos, most of us uploads pics on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace Or Orkut so that we can share it with others. Photovine is a new photo sharing site in town, its been owned by Google and the site is currently in Beta phase and you need to get an Beta invite to start using this site.

The tagline of Photovine is Plant a Photo, Watch it Grow, well this exactly tells the story of this app, actually this app allows you to take a photo enter some caption for it and share it with other people. Other people will see it and join you vine by sharing their pictures too according to the theme you had started, You can start new vine or you can upload pic to any exiting vine, its on you.

When all users upload pictures and then it will create a collection then that collection will be known as a vine.


October 3, 2011

Effective Way To Report Twitter Profiles As Spam

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Almost all of uses Twitter, this micro blogging is very much popular in todays fast world, after Facebook most of us used to spend our most the time on Twitter, its an easy way to share latest happening of our life in just 14 words, many times it’s a fun.

But many time if you tweet on some popular topics then you will get some replies from Spam profiles, like whenever I tweet regarding Apple’s iPhone or iPad, I always expect a reply from any spam profiles, many time there are lots of replies from these spam profiles, these replies hide the reply from actual profile and you may miss important ones.


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