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December 16, 2011

Learn C++, C, Java, PHP And Many More

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Times are gone when we use to learn computer programing languages in our class rooms where we were sited with friends and an old and boring professor giving lecture and teaching us how to code programs according to our needs.

Now we are getting modernized and everything is done with the help of computers and internet then why don’t you study online and learning to code programs online, Programr.Com is a nice online website which helps you to learning languages like  C++, Java, PHP, C#, Flex, J2EE, and many more.You can learn these languages with comfort and sitting in your own room.

This site is very useful if you don’t have any prior knowledge regarding these languages, any one who wanna learn can get most of it from the site and can become programming guru. if you know programming and had created any program then you can submit it there and can get feedback from the users.


August 13, 2009 – Great Educational Website is an educational website which has videos featuring educational content from various different genres of education. The site is very user friendly and covers almost everything that is taught in schools. Although you may wonder that you can look out for anything just by searching it on google but this site is dedicated solely to education purpose and gives access to educational videos in an organized manner. Education is the best gift you can give to anybody and the site is just doing that and all this is absolutely free of cost. The site is presently under beta testing though. Below are some other prominent features.

Features :

  1. The homepage gives you access to the watchknow directory which has various subjects under it. Each subheading is followed with a parenthesis which by default contains the number of videos under that heading. Each subheading is further divided into various other subheadings.
  2. The directory covers a lot of subjects most commonly taught in schools and all the videos are arranged in an organized manner.
  3. The site also has a search option for you to search on some specific content which you are unable to find under the various headings given.
  4. The site is user friendly and absolutely free to use. It offers you to create three different types of accounts all of which are free.


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