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September 19, 2012

Split Expanses, Manage Common Expanses and Spending With Friends Online

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Money matter a lot to every one, every one wants to save his hard earning and for this you must need to make a tracking sheeting which allows you to track all your revenues and expenditures which you had made.

There are some desktop tools which can do this work for you but if you are looking for an online app so that you can use it from anywhere then say hello to Hisab Kitab, its an online web service which allows you to track expenses online.


August 21, 2012

Compare Two or More Phones Features and Hardware [India]

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Mobile phone are a part of our day to day life, they had make our life so simple and convenient that we had never imagined. You can do almost all work from your mobile phone like book tickets, make payments, do video conferencing, surf the web and lot more.

Every day lots of phones were launched by the manufacturers around the world which offers different and new services to the users, and we too try to buy that phone which offer lots of services, as there are lots of phones we got confused and ask others to help us to choose from the selected phones.


August 20, 2012

See What is Happening In Bars Around The World

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Many times before going to a restaurant, club or to a bar we always wanna know about it, what kind of stuff is delivered there, what kind of thing happen, how’s it looks like and lots more, and if we like it then we go for it.

Or if you are a manager at any restaurant, club or bar then you always wanna attract new and more customer to your place so that you can generate more and more revenue or profit from it. Baladacam is a new and very nice service which can solve the both problem mention above.


August 6, 2012

Share Link To Section of Website Page

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Many times we wanna share just a part with our friend on a web page but usually a web page contains lots of information and there are very high chances that your friend might not read what in actual you want him to read.

Just remember how you read important points on book, By highlighting them. What if you can do same with web pages?, Yes InFocus allows you to highlight a web page and then share it with your friend and this time he will read whatever you want to share with him.


July 12, 2012

Top 3 Free Online And Anonymous Proxy Services

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Many times we are surfing some thing on internet which takes us to a web page or web site but don’t load and it throws an error that this site has been blocked by your ISP or government, as recently India Government has blocked lots of Torrent web sites.

Or you could be in Office or School/ College and wanna open your favorite web site to read latest news but you find that Administrator has already put restriction on your surfing. Or a case that you don’t wanna reveal your identity on internet and wanna surf anonymously so that no one can track you back.

Well to solve all 3 problems stated above you can use an web proxy service which allows you to surf the internet anonymously and web site which you are visiting wont be able trace you, So here are some useful online web proxies for you :-


July 11, 2012

Send Private Notes Which Auto Deletes After Being Read

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Many times we are in a situation that we need to send something very important that we don’t want any other to read it or have access to it. We all know that emails and Chats are not the safe method to share any private message with your friend or so on.

If you too wanna send or share some private message with your friend or any one else then you can use PrivNote, its an good online web service which allows you to create and send private note to your friends, and then best part is that notes can be read out only once so once your friend read your note it will be self destructed from the server and no on can bring it back.


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