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September 27, 2012

Get Real Time Search Results From Multiple Sources And Search Engines

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Internet helps us all to find anything, no matter what you looking for, you will get results once you enter your query. There are lots of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo! and so on which provided lots of results as per your query.

You just need to enter your keywords and you will get results instantly. But many times we couldn’t get what we are looking for, here is a Real Time search engine, RTBot.Net which allows you to perform some real time search for your topic.


May 22, 2012

Do Bing Search In 2 Languages

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Let me ask you a simple question, how many times you search for a topic or content on internet but after spending several hours you can find anything related with your topic and then you realize that the topic you are looking for is not English and its in some other language say French, Spanish and so on.

It happens many times with almost all of us, so what to do to save our time and get fast results, well to solve your this problem you can use Sobotong, its an Bilingual Search Engine which allows you to search web in 2 languages at the same time.


Don’t worry regarding the search results as Sobotong is powered by 3 main search engine, Google, Bing, and Yahoo! which means you will get best results which matches your queries or keywords. Sobotong is very easy to use site its quite similar to the other search engines out there.


March 22, 2012

Add Latest Published Blog Posts In Search Engine Index

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Blogging is a nice platform which lets you say what you think about any product, service or anything in a very easy manner.  Many times when we need to know about any product or anything else then most of us prefer to read any blog on it because they are neutral and not take products part but they tell us actual thing about that product.

If you are an author or wanna search for latest blogs then Droover is a nice search engine for you, it allows you to search for the latest happening in the blog world very easily and it also allows you to submit your blog post to it so that you can reach the large audience.


March 9, 2012

Download High Quality Wallpapers Of Any Display Resolution

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Lots of use like to download and change the wallpaper so that they can feel a new look on their desktop, wallpapers are very important as anyone who is using computer will first look at your wallpaper, wallpaper’s also tells your mood too.

Many times when you wanna look for good and nice wallpapers for your desktop then you might head to Google, Bing and so on search engines. But when you make search there you not always get high quality wallpaper, or you might also get mixed contents too.


March 2, 2012

Search Files On Multiple Uploading Servers With Single Search Engine

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Sharing of files is not a new thing for all internet users, who ever use internet has shared some kind of file with his/ her friends at some point of time, and to share files we use popular File Sharing sites like RapidShare, MegaUpload, HotFiles, and so on. It alows you to search files on multiple uploading servers with single search engine – it will let you search on Rapidshare, Megaupload, 4Shared, Hotfile, Mediafire, Netload, Filesonic and Wupload and lots more.

And when we need some files for our own use we too visit these sites and search for files with there name and more details, but searching these files on a particular file sharing site is not easy because every web site has its own policy and rules, some sites may had indexed file but later on it had deleted it, and its not sure that if you search on a site then you we will get there, so you had to make your search on lots of file sharing site to get what you looking for.

This process will take a long time as you had to visit lots of sites and make search there, but FilesHut is an online web service which can reduce your work, it’s a kind of meta search engine which allows you to make your search on it and then it will show results of more than 50 file sharing sites.

search files on multiple uploading servers with single search engine

It crawls results from all those popular file sharing web sites and when you provide your search o it then it will show you best results for you. Websites layout is neat and clean and its very easy to use, all you have to is visit site and provide the name of file which you looking, if you had more detail like file format then provide its detail too.


September 6, 2011

Search Engine : A Computational Knowledge Engine For Dynamic Computations

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The concept of search engine is the simplest yet one of the most difficult to survive. With Google being the leading search engine followed by Yahoo! and MSN, it’s hard for a new search engine to make its presence felt in the virtual world. If you want to launch a search engine, it has to be different than Google and Yahoo!, otherwise why would users leave such established names and start using your search engine which is so new.

Keeping this in mind Wolfram Alpha was developed. Trust me, you would just fall in love with it. Everything in one place, this thing has to be a benchmark in the internet world. (more…)

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