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July 31, 2012

4 Ways To Find Website Admin Personal Details

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Sometime we need to know the every details of a website, like who own it, which hosting server is being used by this web site and what is the email address of Admin. When you purchase any domain or hosting server then all your contact information is putted into a public directory.

Well you might need these information is different cases like you own a blog and found that any other blog has wrongfully published your contents without giving proper credit to you.So in this case you need WHOIS information of that blog as you need to contact blog owner and web hosting provider too. Here are some online tools which allows you to find out WHOIS information about any website.


January 10, 2012

Easily Make Backup Of Your Website

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If you are a webmaster than there is nothing more painful than losing your websites data, suppose you mistakenly delete something or if your website got hacked and hackers wiped off all your data from server than you will left with only one option and its restore your web site from an external backup.

So creating a backup is must for every webmaster, creating backup is not the thing you have to make regular backup so that latest file of your website remains with you, SnatchCode is a nice web service which lets you automatically backup all your website.

SnatchCode backup your web site through FTP and MySQL, In order to take up automatic backup , SnatchCode will need ftp information of the folder which needs to be secured. So a user will need to enter his website’s correct FTP details , and rest will be done by them.


September 22, 2011

A Fresh Web Proxy List To Unblock Restricted Websites

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There are loads of proxy servers online which allow you to surf the web on proxy computer. For those who don’t know, a proxy means, in contextual terms, a shield computer that protects your computer from being identified. For example, consider that you are surfing a web page from India, while the server of the web site is in USA, then using a proxy server will fool the server in USA, as in it might deflect the location of the person surfing. In such terms, your identity is secured.


September 19, 2011

A Fun And Easy Way To Share Ideas On a Website

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Many times we see some newly launched website and see some kind of error or When you are viewing or surfing internet then you came with contact of some useful web page which you wanna get share with your friend, but you want that your friend will read some part of the page rather then navigating through whole page.

BounceApp is a nice tool which allows you to comment on some part of the page so that when your friend see that page he will read what you want him to read rather then navigating through whole web page.


September 12, 2011

Easily Take Backup Of Any URL Or Website

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Webpages are consciously kept dynamic to keep up with the pace of fast and furious web world. You should not be overtly surprised if overnight the whole look and feel of any of your favorite websites is drastically changed. But what if you wish to share some important piece of information about any webpage and just when you click, there is no sign of it. You are left tongue-tied in such situations.


June 3, 2011

Best Way To Create A Mobile Site For Your Blog Or Website In Less Than 2 Minutes

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Mobile phone is one gadget which has taken the entire world by storm and is making its presence felt in each and every corner of the globe. Today, a large amount of web browsing is done straight from the Smartphones in the palms of the people.


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