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August 15, 2012

Get Connected To Other Users On Same Wi Fi Network

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‘Think globally and act locally’ is the order of the day. This dictum not only helps in business but also in social networking. It is easier to meet people in person and build a stronger bond when you know that they are somewhere in the vicinity. Add to this the wi-fi network to which we all are almost always connected and the jigsaw puzzle automatically gets solved. A lethal connection of social and wi-fi connection is our site of today- wifis!!

Wifis is a very innovative and first-of-its-kind web portal which allows users to connect with all the people using the same wireless network. Normally reactions and responses are a lot more positive and forthcoming when there is a possibility of meeting the people you talk to. Based on this guiding principle, Mathias Nitzsche has developed this site.


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