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April 27, 2010

Take Full Page Screenshot of Any Website with

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CaptureFullPage is a new online application which allows you to take full page screenshot of any website, preview it and then download the screenshot. The next obvious question would be why this tool when there are already many such tools available? Undeniably, there are countless tools available to capture screenshots of websites; there is not even one which helps you take the screenshot of the entire web page with high resolution. This application provides high resolution, customizable screenshots effortlessly and in just a few magical seconds.

Capturing screenshot on this FREE web-based application only requires knowledge of the URL of the website of which the screenshot is required. Just type or copy and paste the URL on the homepage of the website. A preview of the screenshot would be displayed. Homepage of the website also lists screen-shots of the recently captured web pages for quick reference. You can even tweak the screenshot to customize it to your needs.

The options available are:

  • Dimension: Full page or Top Screen.
  • Size: X-Small (80 x 213), Small (125 x 332), Medium (250 x 664), Large (600 x 1594) and Full (980 x 2604).
  • Format: PNG and JPEG

The tool even compresses the screenshot in zip format to save you from that extra effort in case you have to mail it.

It’s a site to use for all those people who frequently have to capture screenshots and have so far been bearing with low resolution half page pictures of web pages.


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Take screenshots on the fly.

How is useful?

Type the URL and out comes an eye savoring, full page high resolution screenshot of your webpage with this wonderful tool.

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