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June 5, 2009 – Free Online Task Manager

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In today’s fast track life it is very difficult to manage and complete our daily tasks. Infact it’s very difficult to remember the tasks. In order to be organized and achieve high level of productivity in today’s competitive and demanding world it is very important to manage a virtual to-do list. Tasck is an online application which provides the user facility to manage their time and tasks.

How to use it
1. To add a task hover the mouse over the ‘+’ sign, start typing and click enter to save your task.
2. With every task there are two options available: complete task and delete task. User can click on complete task when he/she is finished with his/her task or can click on delete task if the task is no longer needed.
3. To move a task to the top priority (represented by yellow line on the left) change the first letter of the task to upper case.
4. On the left side there are 3 lines:
a. Yellow Line: representing the top priority task.
b. Green Line: representing normal tasks in the list.
c. Grey Line: representing completed tasks.
5. The user can click on any of these lines to delete the corresponding set of tasks.
6. The user should login to save his set of tasks. After logging in the user can check the left bottom of the screen to see the count of number of tasks completed.

NOTE: If the users do not login in 60 days then their account will automatically be deleted.
It is an online to-do list manager which allows us to manage our tasks with only few click of the mouse. It provides the user facility to create their prioritized lists of tasks and also manages the count of the tasks which have been competed by the user so that he/she can check his/her efficiency. Hence it is a very effortless to-do list manager with a minimalistic design.

But the problem with it is that it might be very tiring for the user to sit in front of the system again and again to check his tasks rather then just checking his pocket diary to see his tasks for the day. But given the time constraint people have in today’s world it can serve as a good database for the users to maintain their tasks and also check their efficiency in performing tasks.

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