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September 12, 2009 – Get To Know About Any Bus Route In Major Cities In India

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Tell my route is a web site that is a search tool that has been designed as an initiative to promote Public Transport and encourage the general public to use Bus and local transport. Thus trying to ease traffic as well pollution issues, Global warming etc. The site also features the driving directions if you have to use bikes, car etc for local travel and reduce the confusions common with big cities.

Rapid expansion of local transport catering to all types of users has made everyone to think about using local transport. So how do we simplify the search and choose the right bus and bus route. Brain storming the solution ended in creation of this website. Bringing the local transport at the fingertips of the users. Ability to choose, bus, metro, cars and bike with ease for faster and quicker travel.

This service has many great features. This site acts as a one stop solution for all the local travel needs, finding bus no, checking the bus route of the bus, figuring out what buses land up in the bus stop and trying out all the possible stop combination for a one hop travel to the destination ( reach your destination by just changing one bus ). Also finding the stops near your place.

It also provides following features like:

1. You don’t want to use bus, no problems, check the driving directions area once you have made the search. The route search area will give the driving directions provided by Google or Microsoft.
2. Are you bored of any map? You can switch to any map like Google, Yahoo or Microsoft maps in the real maps sections.
3. You want to view all the maps and verify the results? you can do that just by select the maps you want to use in real maps.

This application has been based on various algorithms like Dijkstra’s algorithm, A* search algorithm and Floyd-Warshall algorithm. This algorithm was further developed considering the Indian cities requirements are very different. The web application is built on Microsoft with c# and uses Ajax, JSON. Databases are in SQL Server and Firebird Maps used are Virtual Earth by Microsoft, Google maps by Google and Yahoo maps by Yahoo.


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