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May 11, 2011

Test A Website Performance From Multiple Locations Using Multiple Browsers

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Are you a web developer? Do you run a web site and lack tools to test the performance of your web site? Not anymore! We recently came across this latest tool to help you assess the performance of your (or any other) web site.

To put it simply, web developers really need to keep a check on their web sites’ performances. It so happens that, you may run a web site in a certain country while you have viewers (i.e traffic) from some other country. Hence, it is advisable to check performances on a regular basis., as the name suggests, is a unique, free to use web service started which tests the running performance of any web site. All users need to do is type the name of the web site (i.e the URL), the name of the browser (on which users want to test the performance), select the location & country and click “Go”. The results will be shown within a few seconds. The results will include the following:

  • Load time of the web page
  • Snapshots of web page at different at times during load
  • Errors or warnings if they occur
  • You can download the results in HAR format (Http Archive format)

There are many online tools that provide such services, so why use To put it simply, tests the performance of the web sites in real time, users can select different locations, different web browsers and can even view snapshots of the web pages at different times while loading. All this for absolutely no charge or fee. So go ahead and use and let us know your experiences.

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