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July 13, 2009 – Create Free Mailing List Online

Tgethr is a web site that provides the web service of a single email address for your group: Anyone in the group can email that address and the whole group gets a copy and can reply from their email clients or on the web. Super simple for group members. They don’t have to worry about yet another account on yet another web application. People can continue to use their email clients without ever signing up online.

This also provides the facility of Email encryption! The group’s messages can be encrypted both ways, and they centrally store the group members public certificates to make the email encryption setup much easier for the group. Also, links to centrally stored files are provided so the same file attachment isn’t sitting in umpteen inboxes.

Well it was for the administrators. And they think they aren’t that much different than a lot of other folks so maybe it’s for you too. On a broader note this site is very good for the following people:

1. Developers and designers. Those who write a lot of code and design use together to share that stuff with each other.
2. Business owners. As in a small business people need to share the discussions they have over feedback, bugs, sales calls/emails, etc.
3. Those who have families and friends and like to hear much more about than in brief and public headlines, tweets, and Face book statuses.
4. People who do stuff with other people (clubs, events, societies).

You just need to follow following simple steps to use this facility:

1. Setup your group: Enter email addresses of people you want to be together with and pick a group address.
2. Start communicating: Start sending email to the group address and everyone will automatically receive a copy.
3. Keep an archive: Attach files, include links to videos, audio, or images. Even cc: or bcc: the group address for everyone to read. It will all be archived for you on the web.

Thus this site is really an easy and very helpful site for remaining in contact with people you know and sharing information with them.


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