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June 18, 2009

TiltShift Generator – Add Cool Camera Effects On Your Pictures

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TiltShift Generator is a web service that adds cool camera effect to your picture on the fly. This application was originally made to improve the cheap iPhone Camera’s potential. It makes Your Photos Look Like Miniatures. Tilt-shift photography refers to the use of camera movements on small- and medium format cameras. In many cases, it refers to tilting the lens relative to the image plane and using a large aperture to achieve a very shallow depth of field.

Basically, this Web site and Adobe AIR application TiltShift gives your photos a tilt-shift photography effect that normally requires expensive special lenses or Photoshop chops. This is a much better tool than others in this same domain as it offers more advanced features and more control.

Actually Tilt-shift lenses start at $1200 and only rise in cost from there. Most people won’t be running out to buy a lens that expensive for a little hobbyist fun. Moreover, tilt-shift photography isn’t exclusively used for the miniature effect; you can transform photographs of any kind with Tilt-Shift and get amazing results.

Tilt-shifting creates a bizarre effect. Not only does it distort perspective and scale, it somehow sucks the air out of a photograph, transforming the subject into something plastic and timeless. You can also achieve a similar effect by using Photoshop , but this application is faster and more fun. Also This feature has been available on Picasa since it came out.

Using a simple set of controls you can quickly apply wonderful Tilt-Shift effects to your photograph. Radius and strength included, a number of different effects like saturation, contrast, brightness and vegetating have also been added.

TiltShift works either on its web page (where it’s Flash-based), or you can download it for free as an Adobe AIR application (meaning it’ll run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux).

As per its history is concerned it is an elegant and easy mobile and desktop program from Takayuki Fukatsu, theprolific creator of the Quad Camera, Old Camera, and Toy Camera applications for the iPhone. Thus this app is perfect for those who are interested in photography and big fans of Quad Camera, Toy Camera, and Old Camera.


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