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March 29, 2012

Top 3 Websites To Unlock PDF Files Restrictions And Password

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We all know that PDF files are the mostly used files on internet as they are secured, easy to use and supported by almost all platforms, Like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and even it is supported by online file viewers too like Google Docs which makes its more easy and portable to share with any one on internet.

But many times we ask our friend for a file download some file from internet and we wanna get print so that we can work when we are far from our system but wont be able to do it because of restriction put on by file owner on that PDF files.

Putting restriction on PDF files is the nice way to protect them from getting illegal use but sometime we need to remove those restrictions so that we can get our work (obviously Legal work). So here are some online PDF unlocking tools :-


FreeMyPDf is an online web service which allows you to free your PDF file from restriction od Copying, Pasting and Printing it. It should be noted that you can remove restrictions only from those files which can be viewed by you, if PDF file required password to open it then this service wont work.

To use it you need to upload any PDF file which has restriction on it to it, you can upload files upto the size of 150 MB, well I think its more than enough for all.

Once you select your PDF file just click on Do It button and then it will take some time to upload your file and remove restriction form it, once it removes restriction it will allows you to download your file, Your download will start automatically.


It should be noted that if you are using IDM or any other downloading manager than you wont be able to download your file as those manager wont allows you to request same URL twice, so its better disable them or use your web browser manager.

At the bottom homepage a globe is shown which tell you how many users are unlocking their PDF files using this web service. This site is quite fast as it has not so many ads on just a single skyscraper and its text too so site loads quite fast.

Rating :- 3.5/5

Visit Site :- FreeMyPDF


CrackMyPDF is another cool online web service which allows you to remove copying, pasting, and printing restriction from your PDF file. It support all version of Adobe Acrobat up to v9 but I had tested above version too and its worked very fine for me.

This tool can remove the restrictions in standard password protected PDF file, including 40-bit RC4 encryption, 128-bit RC4 decryption and 128-bit AES decryption. But it wont remove password protection to open and view files.


When you select the file to upload and click on Unlock it shows the progress bar which shows how much file is uploaded and how much more time will it take to upload, which was missing in FreeMyPDF.

Another good thing about it is that if your PDF has restriction then it will remove the restriction and provide you a download link on which you need to click to get your file or if your file has no restriction then it will tell you about that too.

Rating :- 4/5

Visit Site :- CrackMyPDF


PDFUnlock is good site if you are going to unlock any personal or confidential file, PDFUnlock has 2 version, one is regular one which is used to unlock all PDF files but if you had any personal file then you can go for secured version, HTTPS.

The regular version has lots of adds on it which might make it heavy if you are on a slow connection, on the other hand secured version has no ads on it rather rest of the interface is very much similar to the regular one.


To unlock your file you need to upload your file to it, you can upload files upto the size of 5 MB to it and then click on Unlock, it will take some time to upload your file and if it has restriction then it will remove it and give back you an unlocked version, just like IDM problem we faced on FreeMYPDF same problem may occurred here too. If your PDF has no restriction then it will tell you about that too.

Rating :- 4.5/5

Visit Site :- PDFUnlock

Other Similar Web Tools :-

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