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March 14, 2012

Top 4 Online Services To Translate Words Or Phrase In Different Languages

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Many times we need to to translate one sentence , word or some phrase to another language, well its good to know different language but its not possible for you to know world’s all language as there are more than 200 language spoken in world.

It happen with me that while reading some web article’s I land on a page which is not familiar with me and I wont be able to understand the contents of it due to different language used on that web page.

That’s why here I am going to share some free online tools which allows you to translate words, sentence, phrase or even whole web page into another language or in which you are comfortable.

Google Translate

Well Google, the search giant has tools to solve any of your problem on internet, Google Translate is a powerful tool which can translate your contents into any other language very easily.

It provide you with a simple and very minimal interface where you need to paste the content with which you are facing problem and the select the language in which you wanna translate it, This tool is so powerful that it can auto-detect the language of your pasted content and then translate it for you.

Google can translate you in more than 60 popular languages of the world, it also allows you to listen what you had translated, its quite a good feature ad you will be able to speak it too, it will be helpful if you are having conversation with someone or wanna say something to anyone.


Google allows you to instant translate the words, means as you write there your contents will be translated instantly and you don’t need to click anywhere or hit enter button on your keyboard.

Using Google translate you can translate any web page too, in that situation you just need to copy and paste the web address of that page and hit enter button, in few moment Google will auto detect the language used on that page and translate it for you.

Google allows you to install its translator widget on your web page so that your visitors can easily convert your web page in their favorite language.

Rating :- 4.5/5

Visit Site :- Google Translate

Bing Translator

Here is a translator from Microsoft too, this translator is quite good too and has minimal web interface just like as of Google, but the colors used on it is better and eye catching, and Google’s page occupy whole page width but here you will see tools float on the center of the page which is good.

But the language supported by Bing is less as compared with Google’s one here you can translate contents in just 48 language, it too supports the auto detect of language but the minus point here is that it wont translate words instantly, you need to click on Translate button or hit enter button your keyboard.


Here too you can listen what you had translated and can copy and paste any web page to translate the whole web page into you favorite one.

Bing too provides you translator tool for your web page or web site for easy and fast conversion of your web page contents.

Rating :- 4/5

Visit Site :- Bing Translator

Babylon Translator

Babylon translator is a another cool web service which lets you convert words or sentences to any other languages easy, the language supported by it is not quite so many, it only supports 30 popular language of the world.

The interface of this site is quite heavy as its full of ads, it also don’t support auto-detect of language, means if you wanna translate anything then you need to know the origin language of it.

It also don’t support instant translate and wont allows you to listen what you had translated, rather it provides another feature which is missing in above two.


It provides a human translator, means you can ask human to translate anything for you, it cost but the grammatical mistake will be less and accuracy rate will be very good. This tool also wont allows you translate any web page too.

If you are looking for simple and fast tool then use this tool and if you are on a professional work then you can use Human Translator.

Rating :- 3/5

Visit Site :- Babylon Translator

Yahoo Translator

Yahoo translator is the tool which allows you to convert blocks of text, of upto 150 words, into another language, it wont support many language and it allows you to translate from and to in some pre-defined formats or languages.

Means it wont gives you much choice in terms of translation, it wont supports instant translation and wont speak translated words for you too.

To translate you need to copy and paste the content on the box, then select the language from which and in which you wanna translate and click on translate button.


It do supports translation of web pages, you just need to provide the web address of that page and click on translate button to translate that page.

Rating :- 3.5/5

Visit Site :- Yahoo Translator

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