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March 21, 2011

Ways To Track Plays, Activities, Musical & Cultural Shows Happening In Your City

We all are so bound in our day today life that sometimes we don’t even bother what is happening next to us. We know we have a treasure of culture, art, dance and much more in our country. Especially people come to India to enjoy our unique art and admire. We also wish to attend such events, which is of our interest when happened in our city.

The idea of this post is to take you to all the websites which can keep you inform regarding events happening near to you. This will help people like me who don’t read newspapers and miss awesome live performances which you never like to if you are informed before time. Lets have a look on the websites:


BuzzInTown is a single place which can help you get a detailed list of events like Theater, Music Concerts and Exhibitions happening in your city (It includes both free and paid events and concerts). Although it is a complete website which can act as your city tour guide. It also offers you amazing deals for gaming, sports, food, liquor and much more. Visit To Movies tab for latest movie news and pics, Food and night life must help youngsters to plan there party evenings and Travel will give a brief introduction for all the destinations you must visit in India. So select your city and list down events to plan your first/ next concert. Make sure to select your city or region to find the respective events.



You must have used BookMyShow before to book tickets for movie. But you might have not seen tabs called as ‘Events’ Or ‘Arts & Theater’. If you are interested in Live Concerts, Live events, Stand up Comedy, Drama, Dance or musical shows then just select your city and find all the upcoming events in your city and you can book your seat/tickets at the same time. This site also serve you Movies and Movie Reviews, Sports booking like World cup, applications Facebook or iPhone applications and much more.



Delhi is a heart of India, people like to visit Delhi to enjoy the city life. Here is a website dedicated for Delhi events only. So if you already stay in Delhi or plan to visit to Delhi this is for you. It covers all the events of Delhi like Theater, Movies, Music, dance, books, Exhibitions, Workshops, Plays and much more.  This website is a complete guide in itself as it covers each and every aspect of Delhi minutely. Here you can find Delhi Map, Museums in Delhi, places to stay in Delhi, Multiplexes/Cinemas in Delhi, Schools/Colleges in Delhi and much more and all at one place just for you.


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