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February 18, 2011

Track and Control Your Sent Emails

Are you baffled about sending a wrong attachment to you business associate or wondering what happened to the email that you sent to your boss or business prospect last week? Nothing unusual about these common yet irksome situations over which you till recently had absolutely no control!!

Not any more, my friends, as a wonderful web service has come to the rescue of all those people yearning to have complete control over the mails they send and much after they hit the “Send” button.

Are you raring to know what this application is and already feeling confident about this new-found control over your mails?  PointOfMail is the magical wand which gives you the power which you have badly wanted ever since the E-mail culture became rampant. This web services enable you to do a host of things which I have tried to list down below:

  1. Get documented proof of who read your mail, for how long and to whom it was forwarded. In short, you can trace Email Reading Chain.
  2. Track the links and attachments shared in the Email and even add or remove them.
  3. You can modify/delete the content of the email AFTER it was SENT and even READ.
  4. Recall or erase SENT Mail.
  5. Supports almost all the Email clients and browsers available in the market.
  6. Get Email/SMS Notifications.
  7. You can make Emails retractable and even self-destructible.
  8. Features to disable copying, forwarding and printing email content
  9. FREE Trial for 7 days.

This is a revolutionary tool and its advanced Email features have become very popular.  The services can be leveraged particularly by people in marketing and business where E-Mail Communication is a significant driver of sales. You can analyze the behavior of your potential customers on receiving the Email and strategize accordingly.

In the age where Email Communication is the way of life despite issues such as Sensitive information easily getting leaked and no full-proof check for data protection, this application is extremely useful and value for money.


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