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May 1, 2010

Send Large Files to Anyone Using

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Ever had problems sending/e-mailing large files to your boss? If yes, then your bad days are gone, is here. It is the easiest way to send the largest of files to your friends, family members or anyone in the world. It allows the user to send files up to 1000 MB to the e-mail recipients. Now here is where scores maximum points, it does not send the file to the recipient, but stores them on the server and instead send a link of a page from where it can be retrieved by the recipient. What more, the files can even be password protected so that it becomes safe to upload files. The uploaded files can be kept in the web site’s database for five days. After five days the file gets deleted automatically. The user can also set the expiry date, if desired (within five days).

The web site is free to use, though you can become a paid member and make use of extra services such as, unlimited number of file transfers, view history of uploaded files, get e-mail confirmation when the file is transferred, password protected download pages, also, the files uploaded by the paid user can be stored forever.

Key Features

  • Send large files to e-mail recipients (Having sizes up to 1000MB)
  • Completely free of cost. Option of becoming a paid member at $5 per month
  • Files can be stored for five days on their database
  • Links are sent to the recipient from where file can be accessed easily
  • Password protected files
  • Very easy to use. Includes just three steps
  • Data as large as 1 GB can be uploaded for free site users and 2 GB for paid members
  • Maximum 20 downloads for free site users

Our Rating: 4/5 |

About is a web site designed for transfer of large sized files to e-mail recipients. The files are uploaded on the server and a link of a page is sent to the recipient from where the file(s) can be accessed.

How is helpful?

It helps the user to send large files to recipients. Files which are big in size cannot be e-mailed and hence can be transferred using It includes three easy steps:-


Optional settings is mainly for paid members and contains data such as expiry date, history of uploaded files etc.

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