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November 22, 2011

Translate Your Web Site Into User Friendly Language

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Many time when we search for some content over internet then we land on some web sites which language is something different and we cant understand it and then we go for some other web sites which are understood by us.

If you are a webmaster then you may face these kind of problems and this cause us to loss visitors and it will not a good sign for your website or blog, as visitors are all for you and if you loss them then you are left with nothing.

So you must provide user friendly content for your website in readers language, it may not be possible for you to write on every language, you may use free widget of Google which let users to translate you webpage into their favorite language, but some user might don’t wanna do another click or sometime they wont find it.

You may use GTranslate which powerful translator allows you to translate your website into multi-language, means more than in 65 languages are supported by GTranslate, it uses Google and Bing translator tool to translate your web site or blog, and when users land on your page they will get content delivered on their favorite language automatically.


All translated pages are hosted on Gtranslate URL, like,  and all your Adsense ads get translated to another language too, there are 2 plans, Free and Pro, You will get analytics for your account, means you will be able to know from where.

Pro account allows different search engines to index the translated pages of your website for wider audiences. This is perfect for online stores and directories. People will be able to find a product you sell by searching in their native language.

On pro account you can ask human to translate your website, all translated pages will be cached to make sure the next run would be smooth.You will be able to edit the translations manually also.All the HTML websites are supported. However the contents of media files like images and flash will not be translated.

Visit Site :- Gtranslate

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