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August 3, 2011

Trial Follow : Follow New People On Trial Basis On Twitter

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Twitter has become an integral part of our lives. It’s one of the best ways to keep in touch and be updated on issues ranging from current affairs to knowing that your distant uncle and aunt were blessed by a baby girl/boy. And with so many celebs registered on Twitter, you can always follow them and get to know about their latest activities. It’s actually very fun to follow and be followed by your group of friends.

But many of us must have encountered ‘fake’ celebrity profiles on twitter. These are certain profiles that ‘claim’ to be that of some famous personality but later turn out to be fake. It’s really annoying to follow activities of such profiles. So, one man came up with the idea of ‘Trial Follow’. The concept is simple, if you want to buy something new (think of anything), wouldn’t it be nice that you try it out for a few days to know if it suits your taste? Same is the case with this web site, it allows you ‘trial following’ a person (s) for a few days. The best thing here is, none gets to know that you’re trial following, it doesn’t display on your ‘following’ list nor does it appear on the other person’s ‘followers’ list.

The web site was developed recently, the interface is extremely simple, on the homepage itself are shown the five steps to use the web site. You get a trial following for a few days. Just a day before the trial ends, you would receive a reminder, if you want to follow the person, if not replied, the trial follower automatically unfollows the person. How simple and easy is that? Not to forget that it’s free, just sign-in with your twitter account.

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