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February 7, 2010 – Control Multiple Twitter Accounts On One Page

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Do you have multiple twitter accounts and finding it hard to manage things? We have found a website which helps you to control several accounts on Twitter from a single location. It will literally “hop” from your one account to the other to get you all the information at one centralized place. Twitter and its ancillary applications just don’t seem to cease.  TweetHopper undoubtedly will be handy for all those people who like having more than one account on Twitter.

Some key highlights of this web based application are:

  • Auto-follow”  to automatically follow all those people who are your close followers
  • Feed tweet” to take your RSS feed and tweet it to Twitter account.
  • DM Tweet Job” enables multiple people to tweet to a Twitter account. It takes direct messages from users and tweets them to Twitter account.
  • Free Account Registration to utilize the services.

The application is extremely simple to use. In order to use all the above mentioned features, you need to check the appropriate check boxes. The website has a clutter-free interface with good number of graphics to facilitate easy understanding of features. “Take a Tour” will help all the uninitiated on how the application makes their life better.

All in all, this application will further enhance your experience on the micro blogging site and you would feel more in control of things. So, next time, don’t be apprehensive about having yet another account on Twitter!


Our rating 3.5 / 5 | Visit


Tweet Hopper helps to easily control multiple twitter accounts from a single spot. Twitter hopper allows you to simply extend your twitter experience.

How Is Useful?

The website helps in centralizing all twitter activity at one location to save your time. Also, features like “auto-follow” are good add-ons which make the application even more useful.

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