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June 29, 2010

Access Twitter Via E-mail With

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Well, the tagline goes like this: “It’s Twitter Over E-mail”. This explains the concept of this web site. You can access almost all of the twitter features by just sending an E-Mail. It’s an easy way to access your twitter account. The user can reply to tweets, add pictures to tweets, request the latest tweets from friends and more. It’s easy to use, all you need to do is sign-up on tweetymail and get started.

It gives you three important features:-

  1. First is, access to your Twitter account via E-Mail
  2. Second is, automatic E-Mail alerts, through which the user will get e-mail alerts for each and every reply for tweet or alert for tweets by friends
  3. Third and the most interesting one is, that tweetymail sends you twitter notifications which are more detailed than the Twitter notification itself.

Key Features

  • Access to your Twitter account via E-Mail
  • Sign-up on tweetymail required
  • Receive tweet alerts via E-Mail
  • Free to use
  • Option for FULL ACCESS, which is free too, but is given to users only in small numbers. So you might have to wait a bit longer if you want FULL ACCESS
  • Add pictures to your twitter homepage
  • All of the above features by just sending an e-mail to the reference e-mail (“”)

Our Rating: 3/5 |

About is a web site where you can manage your Twitter account by simply sending an E-mail to the reference e-mail account. For Example, if you want to Tweet, send an e-mail to It’s a simple, easy and free to use web site.

How is helpful? helps you to manage your twitter homepage via e-mailing. You can tweet, receive e-mail alerts and notifications and even add pictures to your account. To put it simply, you can access your twitter account from anywhere you can access your E-Mail account. It’s mainly designed for E-Mail equipped mobile phones.

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