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March 9, 2011

How To Send Private Messages To Group Of People On Twitter?

Umagram is a new application which help you connect and share privately with anyone on Twitter. As we all know Twitter let you send small messages with the masses. These days people use Twitter for different reasons like to make professional connections.

If you are also using Twitter for any such reason then you may like to move off the PA system for this conversation. Although Twitter allows users to privately converse using its Direct Messaging(DM) feature but with a limitation to converse only with people who follow them not vice versa. This kind of conversation can only be done between two people which means the possibility of group conversion using DM is not there. It supports sharing short messages which sometimes not enough to convey complete message. Above this its lack of capability to attach files. All this somehow making Twitter users switch to some other platform where there is solution for all these limitations. But what if you get solution to all these problems on the same platform where you already have hundred of contact, followers and links.


Umagram is a free service which let you login using your Twitter account. Here you can compose message as you do using your email client and add as many people as you’d like to talk to. You can either use Twitter names (@twitter_names) or email ids to send message. The custom text invitation and link is sent to the recipients, to which they can simply click the link and join the conversation. There is no character limit and file attachment option is also there to overcome the drawbacks of Twitter. In addition, users have the option to send a tweet after each update, linking directly back to the private conversation. This application Twitter’s authentication process which make sure only Twitter handles mentioned in the initial tweet can view the conversation and personal e-mail addresses remain private.


Umagram is simple and prevent spam. It offers you its free service to reply to anyone and to start one conversation but if you want to start unlimited conversations and share files then you have go for pro which means you have to pay a one time fee of $4.99 to upgrade your account.

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