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October 8, 2009 – Create Images For Any Text

TxtNinja is the perfect tool for anyone. And by anyone, I really mean anyone. There is no hard and fast rule as to how you should use TxtNinja; you’re free to use it in any and every way you can think of. In fact, the list of possibilities for this service is so endless, you are encouraged to contribute to the index. If you’ve got a new funky way to use it, send an email at the administrator’s with images (strongly encouraged!) and a good description.

There are absolutely no restrictions on the usage of TxtNinja images. Your generated images are stored forever on the servers as long as their accessed at least once every 365 days. To get you started, here are just some ways others are using this service:

1. Masking your email: If you need to give out your email over the Internet and use simple plain text, spam bots or email harvesters will pick up your email and your inbox will be home to thousands of spam messages. The simplest way would be to use TxtNinja, where your email address will be known to humans and will go undetected by bots.

2. Displaying non-Latin characters: Some languages such as Japanese and Greek contain characters that may not be recognized or allowed by websites and forums. Now, TxtNinja supports input from many other languages so you have a quick workaround.

3. Sale of domains and websites: Forum users (such as those of Digital Point Forums) make use of this to sell their domains and websites on the forum. Their reasons for doing so vary, but most do that to keep their sales thread from appearing in search engine results.

4. Bypassing text filters: Some forums censor certain phrases or profanities and this is a simple way to bypass those filters.

5. Sending sensitive information via MSN/etc: There are times when you need to send sensitive information, like a password, code or address over MSN or some other messaging client. If you send it in plain text, your information will be available in plain view for the snoopers, if you just drop and paste the TxtNinja image into your conversation, the sensitive information will only be available to the friend/client on the other side. MSN does not store images in conversation records, so that’s one less worry for you.

Plain black text can be really, really boring. Also, for all those times when simple, nondescript just won’t shout out and capture attention, you need TxtNinja. It also helps that we’re hosted on one of the fastest (US) web servers available.


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  1. Anyone using They provides same service. I love both txtninja and img4me.

    Comment by Kimberly — January 12, 2010 @ 1:39 pm

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