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Whoever use internet must had shared files, we all need to share files with their friends, relatives or colleagues.There are many sites which allows you to share file with your friends, many of them required to create account or some of them ask you to install software on your system.

Ge.tt is a nice web service which allows you to upload and share files with your friends easily, the main thing is you don’t need to create any kind of account or install anything on your system.

All you need to do is visit site and then select files to upload them, the main thing is that your files will be shared in real time, means as soon as you select files they are ready to be share.


You don’t have to wait for upload to get complete, as you select files you will get a link just send to your friend and they can start downloading files while you are uploading it, it will reduce you waiting time.

You can also add more files in the same source means you can upload for files and you link wont be changed and you friend who is download file will get new file automatically, he don’t need to refresh page or re-download.

All your files will be hosted for 90 days means 3 months which is a long period of time, you will also get stats for your upload, means you will be able to watch who has downloaded and how many time it has been downloaded.

Website doesn’t state what is the file size limit but trust me I had tried uploading a 2GB document and it went fine.

Features :-

  • Can upload large files,
  • No registration required,
  • Nothing to install,
  • Store files for 90 days or 3 months,
  • You can share your uploads directly on Facebook and Twitter

Watch the following video to know more :-



Visit site :- Ge.Tt

Author: Rahul Sharma

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