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March 4, 2010 – Create Own Polls, Ask And Answer Questions

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Have an opinion, shout out the answer and want others’ opinion, feel free to ask a question. That’s the purpose behind this on-line application known as ‘Urtak. Linguistically, it’s an Icelandic word meaning “statistical sample”. This word has been borrowed by the developers of this web based tool because ‘every Urtak is a sample of what a community thinks‘.

Urtak enables one to crate his/her own personal poll and seek answers to his/her questions from the people of their respective communities. One can also participate in a poll created by others by answering their question.

The questions are to be answered in 3 options- Yes, No and Don’t Care( Of course, there are always other potential responses to even a yes or no question — not sure, no opinion, don’t know, skip, etc. But we think Don’t Care is the simplest. After all, either you care to answer a question, or you don’t.

Urtak Features :

  • Make unlimited free polls.
  • Embed polls everywhere.
  • Analyze results in real time.
  • a directory which contains those Urtaks that have got more than 100 responses.
  • protecting your information is the highest priority. You can  be sure that you will always have full control of your privacy options, and your information will never be shared without your explicit consent.

So next time you feel like knowing what is the stand of your entire community over a particular issue that’s been concerning you for a very long time, feel free to create an Urtak/statistical sample or participate in already created ones(that are created by others).

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The goal of the Urtak project is to put the tools of public opinion research in the people’s hands.

This project was inspired by the words of the West Indian thinker CLR James, who wrote, “A sample poll can only investigate what the pollsters know, and it cannot even do that properly.” From this idea came a simple proposition, that a group of people, working together, will always be able to ask more insightful questions than one person alone.

How Is Useful?

With Urtak, anyone can invite their community to participate in collaborative public opinion research. There is no better way to find out what a community thinks, what it has in common, and what divides it.

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