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January 5, 2011

Use Mobile Phone As Your Personal And Professional GPS Tracking System

Global Positioning System, more commonly known as GPS has made our travels a lot easier. Gone are the days when one could get lost and abandoned in some deserted place during that fun trekking or road trip. A fun expedition can end up in a killjoy if we are, even in this age of Google maps, left at the mercy of paper maps which anyways is a pain to carry or local inhabitants.

Xtracked is a free and easy to use application which can be of great use to people for whom life is a journey. Xtracked is an application which provides GPS tracking services for the mobile phones. Now the next natural question any proud owner of iPhone or Android would ask, why this when they already have GPS in their mobiles. What Xtracked has to offer is a much more professional GPS Tracking, which facilitates a very critical and multi-dimensional analysis of the trip and the shortest route to reach the place in least amount of time. You can analyze your trip via charts and reports.

This application provides you the below listed features:

  • Detailed analysis of your trip with information on the maximum and average speed and altitude.
  • Traffic Report, Open Street Maps and Bike paths are displayed.
  • Application available for all mobile phones with GPS and JME support.
  • Automatic Software Updates.
  • Options to customize settings to disable/enable notifications.

A premium version is also available which will give user many other interesting features. You can easily view the trips you made earlier, challenge your friends in a private group competition and even set up your own event page and show in real-time how participants of your contest are performing.

A simple download of software and you are all set for an eventful journey well analyzed with this user friendly application. Track your trip the Xtracked way and keep the fun going!



  1. If we can have a GPS system in our mobile then it will be really great. Because we normally keep our mobile with us 24*7. So, we can use it whenever we need it.

    Comment by tracking nav — January 9, 2011 @ 3:23 pm

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