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June 1, 2011

Use Your Smartphone As Remote Control For The Web

Nowadays it has become really easy to watch a desired video of your choice anywhere in the world. I still remember there used to be a time when people had to wait for their favorite movies to be aired on the television, also when a person used to go out on an international tour then the person had nothing to watch on the TV except the local channels or one or two international ones.

Now, if you have an internet connection you can watch an online movie or even a whole season of your favorite TV show sitting on the couch anywhere with help of the online video hosting portals like YouTube and many more. Technology for sure has given us a lot of luxuries but let me tell you what we are going to tell you about next, is going to spoil you even more. So here we are with a new concept that will help you out in controlling the online videos that you play on your computer or big screen internet TV with help of your mobile phone acting as a remote. This service known as TubeMote lets you do that with ease.

Lets see how it works, TubeMote creates an online channel by logging in to the web video portal by two different devices at the same time. So basically what happens is that you play a video on a single account, watch it on the larger screen and control it from the mobile phone in your hand.  There are a plenty of options given to you with the mobile phone remote such as option to play videos from services like YouTube,, Scribd, Google and many more. you have a search box, play, pause, previous and next. Change video quality to HD and control the audio volume.

There are many uses of this application other than that of using it as just as a remote control and they include sharing the video you are watching to more than one person. All you need to do is share the URL of the channel of the video the you are playing with help of TubeMote. A person can also present his presentation to multiple persons sitting any where in the world. The best part is when a new user joins in, the video is not interrupted and is played from the same timeline.

So to end up we would like to say that this is a pretty cool concept and it allows you to use this technology in a way that suits you. As a person can use TubeMote as a remote and a service to put his or her presentations live to others. This is a free service and all you need to do is sign up with the website. This service works with iphone, android, windows 7 and blackberry phones. Here is the procedure to make this service work :

  • Sighnup with TubeMote and note down the unique URL (channel)
  • Login into TubeMote using the same account.
  • Launch the URL on the computer screen and use full screen.
  • Select a video service on your mobile device and play a video on it.
  • This will result in streaming of the video on the online channel hence enabling you to watch the video full screen.

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