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August 7, 2012

5 Top Rated Tools To Check Email Id Fake or Genuine

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Many times we exchange email address with others or we might get emails from unknown one and when we start to reply to those email IDs our mail server send error to us, In many cases hackers send you an email from such ID which doesn’t exist.

If you need to send an email to someone and want to verify that email address is valid or not then here are some one tools which will help you to verify whether the email address with you is valid or just a fake one.

My Addr

Its an free tool which help you to verify any email address very easily. It start to verify your entered email address by checking and validating email for syntax and then it will connect to email server and verify your entered email address and respond you back with the results.

This validation process may take upto 60 seconds of time.


Sometime you might get reply as Unknown Service, this is due to the policies of some web mail providers who uses there own email validation process.

It not only shows you the result of your email address but it also tells you full debug info, means you will be able to know what has been done by server to get it verified.

This site has lots of ads which might cause it to take sometime to load if you are in a low speed internet connection.

Apart from offering email validation service, it also offers lots of other services too like Trace Location Of Email Sender, Domain Whois Lookup, Domain DNS Lookup, Domain lookup NS records and lots more.

Rating :- 4/5

Visit Site :-My-Addr


Another free online web service which allows you to validate any email web service is Verify-Email.Org, its quite simple and nice site as compared to My-Addr, once you visit site you will find a minimal design site, at the bottom of page you will find a box where you need to type the email address which you need to verify and then click on verify button.


Once you click on verify it will show you the result, if it shows the Ok then it means that email id exist or if when it shows you a Bad result means your email address is not valid.

This service validates the Format of your email address, Domain on which email account exist and user of that id.

This service also shows the log of its service but these logs are very small and the are very light in color as compare to My-Addr, another thing is that as compare to My-Addr this site has very few ads and it loads much faster then of it.

Rating :- 3.5/5

Visit Site :- Verify-Email.Org

Convincing Mail

This is an another cool and simple to use web service which allows you to verify any email address very easily.

Once you verify your email address then you can also post comments on that site too, a down fall on this site is that you can verify only 5 sites a day, means if you need to verify sites more then 5 then you have to wait for another day.

This action is taken my web site team to project site from any spam uses.

Another good thing about this site is that just like Verify-Email.Org it also verify 3 things :-

  • Syntax Validation (Format of Email address)
  • Domain Validation (Checks Domain exists or not)
  • SMTP Account Validation (And Finally Validates the user)


And at results its also shows what is valid and what is not, means you can easily know where you are wrong.

As compare to Verify-Email.Org this site takes time to load just like My-Addr as due to ads on it.

Rating :- 4/5

Visit :- Convincing Mail

Rolosoft Email Checker

This is an another email checking service which allows you to validate any email address, the interface of this site is very clean and it loaded very fast and it consumes very less bandwidth of your network.

It connects to the mail server and checks whether the email exists and then shows the result to you. You can easily enter email ID by typing or you can upload any text, CSV and then you can extract email address upto 50,000 at the same time, it can extract all emails from files including multiple emails on the same line.


You can also copy and paste from any text file or it will also allows you to enter address of any web page and then it will extract email address from that page.

Once you had validated email address then you can extract the report in Excel, Word, CSV or PDF file. But the thing is that you can only validate upto 3 email IDs in 24 hrs.

Rating :- 4/5

Visit :- Rolosoft Email Checker


Here is another simple to use and fast service, you can not only verify email address but it will also tells you your IP address and you can also find out the location of any IP address.

Once you visit the site, just scroll down a bit and then you will find a red box, just type your email address on it and then click on Email Lookup button and then it will validate email address very faster then above services.


It will reply you with the result and shows whole log file in which you can easily what have been done by the server to validate the email address.

Once validated it will tells you whether that email address is deliverable address or not. You can validated any number of email address as you want.

Rating :- 4/5

Visit Site :- IpAddressLocation.Org

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